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The Writer, The Man and the Madness


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Robert N Stephenson has been many things, lived many lives and survived nightmares and madness to be where he is today. His writing career started back in the late 1970s when he started writing poetry but it wasn't until he reached his thirties that he ventured into story writing. To say writing stories was an easy thing would be denying the struggle that took place. After 5 solid years of writing, submitting stories to publications (many of which he has outlived) and the receiving of 450 straight rejection letters he sold his very first story, Alone With Ghosts to Patrick Swenson of Talebones. It was a day he would never forget and it was the start of another journey.

It is odd speaking of myself in the third person but the introduction seemed to require this. You see, I was born to a loving family of 7 and my parents were hard working Australians who did everything they could for their children. Even with a stable home life I ran off the rails big time, falling in with bad types and becoming quickly addicted to drugs and bad ways. This is a story I remind myself of when I stare off into the distance and wonder on those dark years. I started to turn life around when... yes, when... maybe a link                             here to another tale is required

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