Welcome to the horror anthology to be published October 15 2020. The title is still being discussed but we felt it wise to start collecting stories now rather than try to cram things while under pressure.

People for time eternal have had to deal with the concept of loss, whether an object or something more emotional like a loved one. Loss is real and painful and challenging to the spirit. Loss brings despair, worry and a deep sense of emptiness. Like loss the fear of the unknown and sweep down on people suddenly causing intense grief and anxiety. The fear of the unknown can overwhelm and cause people to act in unusual ways. The unknown is a primal fear where people would not go out in the dark because they could not see.

The theme of the anthology is Loss and The Unknown.

Take the reader to a place, a time, a point in history, pre, or post events, transport the reader in worlds that can only be imagined by reading the words you give them. The stories needed are to be long stories with them being no shorter than 7500 words. The length gives the author time to explore, build emotional tensions as well as physical ones. There is time to layer the world, shift textures about within the prose so the reader gets a sense of belonging, and once that sense is captured then the heartache, the loss can sink into them which allows the unknown to snatch their breath away.

All stories dealing in this general theme will be considered but it has to be clear the anthology can be no smaller than 75 000 words and there will only be 10 stories selected.

Stories between 7500 and 14 000 words

Deadline August 15 2020 (print press October 15 2020)

Payment - $100 AUD per story (Kickstarter may increase this rate and it will be paid as a bonus on publication)

Format: word document /.doc/x, txt, rtf, odt (I can read odt as their is a save as word function with openoffice please use that)

Submission address - altair-australia@altair-australia.com

2020 Horror Anthology