Qualifications behind my Commentary

Writing Qualifications:
Diploma in Arts (Advanced Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing), Australian College of Journalism
Certificate IV in Work Place Assessment, and Training BRZ

UPDATED Certificate IV Training and Assessment TAE

Editor of Altair Magazine between 1997 and 2000
Publisher of Altair Magazine between 1997 and 2000

Sub-Editor Harbinger Magazine
Editor for Edit Avenue in Boston USA 1999 and 2002
Editor for Siddharta Publishers in Melbourne Australia 1999 – 2004
Editor for Altair Australia Pty Ltd in Adelaide Australia 1998 – to present
Publisher for Altair Australia Books 1998 – to present
Ghost-written two books for private clients.
Literary Agent 1998 – 2005 representing Tony Shillitoe, Kurt von Trojan. Major sales made to Harper Collins Australia and Prodigy Films. And a book sale for Christy Jordan to Annick Press, Canada.
Current Contracted Editor - biography
Trainer for Open Colleges – 1999 - 2018
Tutor for Career Line Courses – current

Trainer for Altair - Australia - Courses - current

Current Deputy Chair Australasian Horror Writers Association

Writing Achievements: 1996 – to present

Novel Life Light published in Poland by Nowa Fantastyka 2005
Novel Life Light published in Australia Satalyte Publishing 2015

Novel Vanishing Light published ReAnimus Press 2018
Novel Uttuku published in Australia 2009
Novel Lycanation - Contract novel for Redmond Productions 2014
Graphic Novel contract book Redmond Productions 2014
Writing guide The Writing Soldier published 2006
We Would be Heroes, a short story collection published 2005
Critical Observations, The Pencilled in God published 2015

The Human Landscape - Literacy Collection - 2016

Garments of Rainbows - Poetry Collection - 1992 and later in 2016

Wrote SF/F/H Writing Course for Australian College
Wrote SF/H/H Writing Course for Open Colleges Australia

Sold licencing rights for SF/F/H Writing Course to Careerline Courses2018

Do You Want to Live Forever  Supernatural Novel/Horror

Blue Reasoning - a collection of imperfect short stories volume I

The Mess in My Head - a collection of imperfect stories volume II

The Clever Nature of Wool - award winning and published short stories

120 published short stories in magazines around the world.
Published stories in Anthologies, Forever Shores, Tesselations, Wonderful Web Wonders and Night to Dawn, plus many more
Numerous articles on writing published on writer’s help pages on the internet (Free services)

Awards and Recognition
Pride of Australia Medal Runner-Up 'Mateship' for my work with new writers.

Shortlisted 2017 Aeon Award with The Rescue (top 5)

2016 N3F Story Contest Winner - Moonhenge
2016 Sci-Fi Film Festival Encouragement award. (My Killer, My Saviour - Dimension 6)
Winner of the 2008 Black Dog award for critical observation.
Winner The Aurealis Award for Best Science Fiction story in Australia 2012
Won 1st place Harper Collins Prize 1999 (Australia)
Won 2nd place New Century Writer Awards 2003 for his novel ‘Life Light’ (USA)
Won 2nd place Phyllis Gotlieb Byline contest (Canada)
Won 3rd place Wildfire Literary Price (Australia)
Won 1st prize The Writer’s Hood Fantasy contest
Won 7th and 10th place Science Fiction Writer’s of Earth (1998 – my first ever stories)
Honourable mention Writers of the Future 10 times

Semi-Finalist Writers of the Future 2018

Founded -
Peter MacNamarra Achievement Award (now defunct)
Australia Shadows Award (Horror)
International Future Visions Award

As a publisher:
23 novels edited for Siddharta Books
25 Books published by Altair Australia Pty Ltd

(Including works by Sophie Masson, Kate Forsyth, Sean Williams, David Brin Tony Shillitoe, Kurt von Trojan, Jack Mc Devitt and Steven Cooper.)
From Out of the Dark published 2015

The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Vol 1 2016

The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Vol 2 2017

The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Vol 3 2018

The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Vol 4 2019

Coals & Ash by Lyn McConchie - Altair Australia Pty Ltd 2018

Volume V coming in 2020

In the area of tutoring and training:
Over 2000 students across several colleges have been guided through an established writing course, with many graduates finding their new careers in creative writing.
Have written and established two science fiction and fantasy writing courses. One for the Australian College, and one for Open Colleges. Robert no longer tutors the course run by the Australian College.

Robert has two courses on offer through his own writing courses, one for the short story in genre and one for a longer examination of writing. The short course has been designed to take approx 5 weeks (online) and the longer course has been allocated 12 months. Neither of these courses are gloss overs of subjects but critical examination of what you can deliver as a writer and Robert works one on one with you throughout the course.

Cassandra has a drinking problem, she has mental problems, she has a problem with the ghost living in her house. When help comes to hand it isn't what she was expecting and the sheer notion of staying alive becomes as far fetched as some of the novels she has written about the supernatural.

​It would be easier to die.